We Are Made Of Diamond Stuff

Isabel Waidner


Ollie says:

At 105 pages, Isabel Waidner’s second novel for micropress Dostoyevsky Wannabe serves as a conveniently-sized companion for those moments of extreme Brexit-anxiety when comfort can only conceivably be found in queer migrant accounts of hocking bootleg high-end sportswear on the Isle of Wight. The wild, weird tale of cultural resistance I needed most in 2019.

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We Are Made Of Diamond Stuff is an innovative and critically British novel, taking issue with the dream of national belonging. Set on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south coast of England, it collides literary aesthetics with contemporary working class cultures and attitudes (B.S. Johnson and Reebok classics), works with themes of empire, embodiment and resistance, and interrogates autobiographical material including the queer migrant experience.

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