The Obelisk Gate

N. K. Jemisin


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On a far-future earth whose inhabitants suffer through perpetual cycles of environmental catastrophe, a mother and daughter are torn apart by the forces of a society built upon violent systemic oppression and voracious exploitation of natural resources. Their journey towards healing the wounds of the past will also become a quest to heal the wounds of the planet itself, uncovering in the process the foundational myths that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

A truly phenomenal reading experience, the Broken Earth series succeeds in weaving the indelible minutia of familial bonds with a profound reimagining of what it means to live as planetary beings, cut through with truly radical characterisation and centred around an incredibly rich, nuanced, and affective emotional core. Unbound by the limits of genre, this is peerless emancipatory world-building on a vast scale.

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Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel
The second book in the record-breaking triple Hugo Award-winning trilogy

The season of endings grows darker, as civilization fades into the long cold night.
Essun has found shelter, but not her missing daughter. Instead there is Alabaster Tenring, destroyer of the world, with a request only Essun can grant.

Praise for this trilogy:
‘Amazing’ Ann Leckie
‘Breaks uncharted ground’ Library Journal
‘Beautiful’ Nnedi Okorafor
‘Astounding’ NPR
‘Brilliant’ Washington Post
‘Heartbreaking, wholly unexpected’ Brian Staveley
‘Awesome’ Book Smugglers
‘A powerful story of hope and survival’ The Root

The Broken Earth trilogy begins with The Fifth Season, continues in The Obelisk Gate and concludes with The Stone Sky – out now.

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