Strangers: Essays On the Human and Nonhuman

Rebecca Tamás


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A really refreshing and inventive collection of essays that weaves artistic and literary criticism with personal reflection to examine our material and psychic entanglements with the earth. Deftly sidestepping the pitfalls of empty abstraction and emotional distance that often tends to mark such enquiry, Rebecca Tamás offers a generous, intimate, and yet philosophically nuanced vision for thinking and feeling a broken world.

The most surprising and effective move made here might be the unlikely dialogue initiated between the ‘earth-body’ work of Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta, and the figure of the Green Man most often associated with pagan rites of fertility and renewal. In recognising their shared strangeness, Tamás reminds us that the tools for reimagining the living body—in an individual and planetary sense—are often already in our possession.

A slim but powerful invitation to see ourselves and the world through new eyes.

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In Strangers, Rebecca Tamás explores where the human and nonhuman meet, and why this delicate connection just might be the most important relationship of our times.

From ‘On Watermelon’ to ‘On Grief’, Tamás’s essays are exhilarating to read in their radical and original exploration of the links between the environmental, the political, the folkloric and the historical. From thinking stones, to fairgrounds, from colliding planets to transformative cockroaches, Tamás’s lyrical perspective takes the reader on a journey between body, land and spirit-exploring a new ecological vision for our fractured, fragile world.

Rebecca Tamás’s poetry and criticism has been published in ‘The White Review,’ ‘The Chicago Review,’ ‘Some Such,’ The London Review of Books’, and ‘Granta’, amongst others. She is the editor, with Sarah Shin, of ‘Spells: Occult Poetry for the 21st Century’, published by Ignota Books. Her first full length collection of poetry, ‘WITCH’, came out from Penned in the Margins in 2019. It was a Poetry Book Society Spring Recommendation, a Guardian, Telegraph, Irish Times and White Review ‘Book of the Year,’ and a Paris Review Staff Pick

‘A fascinating, lyrical exploration of the eco-political, from human and non-human bodies to landscapes. Tamás’ essays are deeply rooted in folklore and the fragility of existence. A stunning work of enquiry and eloquence.’ – Sinéad Gleeson

‘Bursting with intellectual generosity. Deep wide roots and radical shoots.’ – Max Porter’

Strangers is an extraordinary, essential book. Both quiet and loud. Strange yet explicit.’  – Sara Baume

‘exciting and clear-eyed’ – Melissa Harrison

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