Smile or Die

Barbara Ehrenreich


Uncovering the dark side of the ‘have a nice day’ nation, Barbara Ehrenreich savagely attacks the tyranny of positive thinking in the United States. From contemporary religion to business and the economy, Ehrenreich argues that the insistence on being cheerful actually leads to a lonely and dangerous inwards focus.

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In this highly original and hugely entertaining account, Barbara Ehrenreich confronts the cult of positive thinking in America. She examines the impact of positive thinking on religion, medicine, academia and the business community, and exposes the psychological effects of a world which tells us to ‘put on a happy face’. From the pink ribbons and platitudes that surround breast cancer sufferers to the blind optimism that led to the recent economic disaster, Ehrenreich pokes holes in conventional wisdom and faux science, and ends with a rallying cry for clarity and courage.

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