Real Life

Brandon Taylor


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Set over a single weekend, we find Wallace, a postgraduate science student, navigating the claustrophobic world of his Midwestern campus. Feeling constantly on the periphery, Wallace tries to come to terms with his father’s death while embarking on a painfully ambivalent relationship with a fellow student. It becomes clear that he is also navigating the twin exclusions of prejudice – through racism and homophobia, both explicit and implicit – and also the long shadow cast by childhood trauma. Beautifully crafted and at times excruciating to read, this is a campus novel like you’ve never read before.

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Wallace is a biochemistry grad student at a lakeside Midwestern university used to keeping a wary distance even from those closest to him. His class is the first in more than three decades to include a black student, something Wallace has not been allowed to forget. But, over the course of one weekend at the end of summer, a series of confrontations with colleagues and an unexpected shift in his relationship with a friend, Miller, force him to grapple with intimacy, desire, the trauma of the past and the question of the future.

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