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A woman, accompanied by her lover, searches for her lost brother, who may have been a revolutionary, and who may have been tortured, imprisoned or killed. Roving through a Mediterranean landscape, they live out their entangled existences, reluctant to give up, afraid of the outcome. Reflecting the schizophrenia of its characters, the novel splits into alternating passages, switching between the sister and her lover’s perspective. The lover’s passages are also fractured, taking the form of a diary with notes alongside the entries. An intricate system of repetition and relation builds across the passages.

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S has disappeared from Ruth and Leonard’shome in Brighton. Suicide is suspected. The couple, who had been spying ontheir young lodger since before the trouble, begin to pore over her diary, heraudio recordings and her movies – only to discover that she had been spying onthem with even greater intensity. As this disturbing, highly charged act ofreciprocal voyeurism comes to light, and as the couple’s fascination with Scomes to dominate their already flawed marriage, what emerges is an unnervingand absorbing portrait of the taboos, emotional and sexual, that broke behindthe closed doors of 1950s British life.

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