The Outcast Hours Mahvesh Murad


We live our lives in the daylight. Our stories take place under the sun: bright, clear, unafraid. This is not a book of those stories. These are the stories of people who live at night; under neon and starlight, and never the light of day. These are the stories of poets and police; writers and waiters; gamers and goddesses; tourists and traders; the hidden and the forbidden; the lonely and the lovers. These are their lives. These are their stories. And this is their time: The Outcast Hours.

Including stories by Amira Salah-Ahmed, Cecilia Ekback, Celeste Baker, China Mieville, Daniel Polansky, Frances Hardinge, Indrapramit Das, Jeffrey Alan Love, Jesse Bullington, Karen Onojaife, Kuzhali Manickavel, Sam Beckbessinger, Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Lavie Tidhar, Leah Moore, Maha Khan Phillips, Marina Warner, M. Suddain and Omar Robert Hamilton.

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