My Year of Meats

Ruth L. Ozeki


‘My Year of Meats’ tells the story of a parallel year in the lives of two women at opposite ends of the Earth, who are brought together in a strange convergence of global politics, meat, television and personal crisis.

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In a single eye-opening year, two women, worlds apart, experience parallel awakenings.

In New York, Jane Takagi-Little has landed a job producing Japanese docu-soap My American Wife! But as she researches the consumption of meat in the American home, she begins to realize that her ruthless search for a story is deeply compromising her morals.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, housewife Akiko Ueno diligently prepares the recipes from Jane’s programme. Struggling to please her husband, she increasingly doubts her commitment to the life she has fallen into.

As Jane and Akiko both battle to assert their individuality on opposite sides of the globe, they are drawn together in a startling story of strength, courage, love.

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