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Part fiction, part essay and possibly memoir, Sheila Heti unpacks what it is to be a child free when you are of child bearing age. The protagonist wrestles with the question of whether or not she should become a mother, throwing questions at I Ching coins who give her sometimes prescient, sometimes wrong, always random answers. She explores among other things, her relationship with her own mother, feeling abandoned as her friends all become mothers, how society perceives her as tragic or as trouble because she is unencumbered and powerful, whether it is enough to create art instead of a life and whether there is a male equivalent to ‘barrenness’? This book feels unusual as it is unlike anything that is already out there and articulates so many questions of our time, especially the largest one of all – whether to create a human life or not.

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**A Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Irish Times, Refinery29, TLS and The White Review Book of the Year 2018**

A provocative novel about the desire and duty to procreate, from the author of the critically acclaimed How Should A Person Be?

Motherhood treats one of the most consequential decisions of early adulthood – whether or not to have children – with the intelligence, wit and originality that have won Sheila Heti international acclaim.

Having reached an age when most of her peers are asking themselves when they will become mothers, Heti’s narrator considers, with the same urgency, whether she will do so at all. Over the course of several years, under the influence of her partner, body, family, friends, mysticism and chance, she struggles to make a moral and meaningful choice.

In a compellingly direct mode that straddles the forms of the novel and the essay, Motherhood raises radical and essential questions about womanhood, parenthood, and how – and for whom – to live.

‘Likely to become the defining literary work on the subject’ Guardian

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