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The mixed-race population is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the UK, taking in every combination of heritages imaginable. It is a heterogenous group with no one singular experience, no sole narrative to describe or define the multitudinous variations of cultural mixes and ethnic make ups that exist within this country. And yet despite the plethora of backgrounds that are encompassed under the term ‘mixed’, through the course of her work as a journalist, it became clear to Natalie Morris that there is a collective identity; recurring themes and experiences that suggest a commonality of mixed-race existence. At a time when ethnically-ambiguous models fill our Instagram feeds and our high street shop windows, in ‘Mixed/Other’, Natalie Morris provides a voice to those who have up until now, not been included in the narrative.

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How does it feel when your heritage isn’t listed as an option on an identification form?
What is it like to grow up as the only person in your family who looks like you?
Where do you belong if you are simultaneously seen as being ‘too much’ of one race and ‘not enough’ of another to fit neatly into society’s expectations?

The mixed population is the fastest-growing group in the U.K. today, but the mainstream conversation around mixedness is stilted, repetitive and often problematic. At a time when ethnically ambiguous models fill our Instagram feeds and our high street shop windows, and when children of interracial relationships are lauded as heralding in the dawn of a post-racial utopia, journalist Natalie Morris takes a deep dive into what it really means to be mixed in Britain today.

From blackfishing to the fetishisation of mixed babies; from the complexities of passing and code-switching to navigating the world of work and dating, Natalie explores the ways in which all of these issues uniquely impact those of mixed heritage. Drawing from a wealth of research, interviews and her own personal experiences, in Mixed/Other, Natalie’s aims to dismantle the stereotypes that have plagued mixed people for generations and to amplify the voices of mixed Britons today, shining a light on the struggles and the joys that come with being mixed.

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