Amina Cain


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If you like your feminist existentialism quiet, odd and darkly funny then look no further. This slim novel takes place in an undetermined time and is narrated by Vitória, a cleaner in an art gallery who stares at the paintings and dreams of a creative life. When her circumstances do eventually change, it becomes apparent that financial freedom does not equate with personal freedom and that there are many other types of labour. Precise in prose and strong in atmosphere, this book will stay with you long after you’ve put it down.

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In a ghostly, undefined era and place, a cleaning woman at a museum of art aspires to do more than simply dust the paintings around her. She escapes her lot by marrying a rich man, but having gained a husband, a house, and a maid, she finds that her new life of privilege is no less constrained. Not only has she taken up different forms of time-consuming labour but she is now, however passively, forcing other women to clean up after her. Perhaps another more drastic solution is necessary?

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