Cold New Climate

Isobel Wohl


Jo says:

This is an astounding debut (and the first publication from new small press Weatherglass Books) and it had me completely gripped.

On returning from a holiday Lydia discovers that her older partner Tom has fallen in love with a woman his own age, and she is heartbroken. Soon after she reconnects with his now grown up son Caleb, who is in therapy having struggled with addiction, and a chain of events unfolds that has repercussions for everyone.

Wohl’s astutely described observations of human interaction make this a completely fascinating reading experience and the novel cleverly looks at the double standards that will always exist for women. Wohl deftly explores ageing, devotion and the intersection of individualism and climate change while raising questions about ways to live outside the narrow expected standard. The plot turns in ways you don’t expect, particularly the ending which stayed with me for a long time after I put it down. I have utmost admiration for this quietly epic novel.

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Lydia is unsettled in her New York life. She takes herself away to Greece, secure in the belief that her much-older partner Tom will be there on her return. However, when she comes back, she discovers he’s fallen in love with someone else. Her life now in disarray, Lydia faces a future in which nothing is secure. When she reconnects with Tom’s teenage son Caleb, all three lives are recast in shocking and devastating ways. All the while we sense that in the world at large there are greater changes happening, changes over which they have even less control.

At thirty-seven, Lydia has been with Tom for over a decade. Now he’s nearing sixty, and she’s bored. Yet she commits to staying with him, only to find that he s fallen in love with someone else while she s been away. Devastated, she makes contact with Tom’s nineteen-year-old son, Caleb. Suffering from the collapse of their expectations, Lydia and Caleb are drawn together in an unsettling mix of desire, care, and revenge.

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