Ollie’s Forthcoming Highlights for 2021

2021 is already looking set to be an amazing year for books. It wasn’t easy to narrow down the bits and pieces I’m most looking forward to, but here are some of the highlights.

Rivers Solomon’s follow-up to The Deep sees #Merky Books making a welcome foray into innovative and fantastical speculative fiction, while Dhanveer Singh Brah, Jennifer Lucy Allen, and Harry Sword explore radical sonic realms.

A.K. Blakemore’s debut novel uncovers hidden Essex histories, Influx Press deliver the long-awaited debut collection of short fiction from Juliet Jacques, and Holly Pester’s debut poetry collection upturns the totalising grip of work and commodification to find glimmers of political resistance.

Cyclonopedia-author Reza Negarestani promises a head-twisting journey through comic culture via fringe philosophy (and vice versa), while Jeremy Atherton Lin maps the lives and histories shared through queer spaces (and their absence).

Noémi Lefebvre delivers a treatise for late-capitalist survival skills, and Sarvat Hasin promises a mythic enfolding of the tensions that separate art and love.