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Polly Barton in Conversation with Kate Briggs and Clare Bogen

Yesterday evening we were thrilled to launch Polly Barton’s incredible and genre-defying new book, FIFTY SOUNDS!

Sadly the gods of stable internet were not smiling on us but after a slightly patchy start, Fitzcarraldo’s Clare Bogen stepped in to pose the questions that Kate Briggs had prepared, and completely saved the day in the process!

Thanks so much to Kate for preparing such thoughtful and fascinating questions (and for persevering under such tricky conditions), to Clare for heroically diving into a live event with zero notice, to Polly for offering an incredible constellation of insights into the art of translation and linguistic power, and finally to everyone who joined us live and persevered until we arrived at the hybrid format.

Watch the event from the point at which Clare stepped in below, and we’re confident you’ll want to order a copy of FIFTY SOUNDS immediately. Huge congrats Polly!