What Should We Tell Our Daughters?

A debate with Melissa Benn, Kat Banyard and Kate Pickett

Chaired by Zoe Williams

Monday 12th May, 7pm

Tickets £4

Sutton House, 2-4 Homerton High St, Hackney, London E9 6JQ [Map]


Come and hear four of the most important contemporary thinkers on politics, feminsm and equality talk about the pleasures and pressures of growing up female.

More details to follow!







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 Events Highlights of the past

1st April 2014 Andy Merrifield in conversation with Owen Hatherley about The New Urban Question

10 March 2014 Ben Campkin talked with Dave Hill about Remaking London

20th June 2013 George Monbiot in conversation with Leo Hollis – Feral

November 2012 Sarah Wise talked about madness in Victorian times – Inconvenient People

November 2012 Daniel Trilling in conversation with Owen Jones about the far right – Bloody, Nasty People

16 October 2012 China Mieville in conversation with Suzanne Moore for London’s Overthrow

20th September 2012 Neil Fraser on Over the Border: The Other East End

19th July 2012 The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State

4th July 2012 A People’s History of London with Lindsey German and John Rees

12 June 2012 The Bookshop Band performed downstairs in the 2nd hand book basement

22nd May 2012 The Gentle Author and guests from Spitalifields Life

16th May 2012 Hackney Society launch for Hackney: An Uncommon History in Five Parts

3rd May 2012 We launched the Hackney Anthology

8th March 2012 Margaret Willes on The Making of the English Gardner

25th January 2012 John Marriott on Beyond the Tower: A History of East London

26 July 2011  Iain Sinclair read from Ghost Milk

20 July 2011 Owen Jones discussed Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class

12 July 2011 China Mieville talked about Embassytown

1 June 2011 Ross Perlin came and talked about Intern Nation

12 May 2011 Cinnamon Press with Jeremy Worman and Sue Vickerman

20 April 2011 Michael Foley talked about The Age of Absurdity

5 April 2011 Estate talk

10 March 2011 Simon Garfield came to discuss Just My Type

9 February 2011 Jenny Lord came to show us how to knit ipod socks

20th January 2011 Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and Its Meanings with Iain Sinclair & Ken Worpole

16th December 2010 Winter Warmer: Our annual Klezmer music, mulled wine and mince pies

16th November 2010 Francis Spufford reading from Red Plenty

12th November 2010 Jonathan Kemp reading from London Triptych.

3rd November 2010 The Meaning of David Cameron? Richard Seymour.

21st October 2010 Lived in London. Blue Plaques.

13th October 2010 Ned Beauman read from Boxer, Beetle

12th October 2010 Anonymous writing collective Wu Ming came and talked about Manituana

7th October 2010 Rebecca Hunt read from her debut novel Mr Chartwell

29th September 2010 Rob Penn came to talk All About the Bike.

23rd September 2010 New Feminism and Reclaiming the F-Word with Kat Banyard and Catherine Redfern.

8th September 2010 Dan Cruickshank talked about The Secret History of Georgian London.

20th July 2010 Mark Hannam and Jo Wolff spoke about Southern Africa: Past and Future

14th July 2010 Nicholas Jubber talked about his book, Poets, Polymaths and Pleasure-Daughters: Drinking Arak off an Ayatollah’s Beard

8th July 2010 Private View for Luisa Alpalhao’s exhibition, 30 Days of Storytelling

6th July 2010 I R Charles read from her brilliant local book Under a Hackney Sky

30th June 2010 Mike Gerber spoke about Jazz Jews

27 June 2010 Cinnamon Press hosted their 2nd runaway success at Pages with a poetry afternoon including readings from local poet Claudia Jessop and international poets, Arlene Ang and Mark Fitzgerald

9 June 2010 Mike Marqusee talked with the Guardian’s Daphna Baram about his book If I Am Not for Myself

5 June 2010 Private View – Emerging Images by Valerie and Roger Dean

22 April 2010 Adam Foulds – the Booker shortlisted author of The Quickening Maze came to Pages

17 April 2010 Out of Step: A spoken word benefit for No Sweat

1 April – 31 May 2010 Amy Green Drawings – A Show of Small Gifts

25 March 2010 The Poetry of Healing: Medicine, Psychotherapy and the Arts
A Dialogue with Iona Heath and Paul Gordon

5 – 31 March 2010 New Paintings by Alex Arnell – Private View

Pages Ruins February – A series of events on ruins

25 February 2010 Patrick Wright talked about A Journey Through Ruins: the last days of London

17 February 2010 Owen Hatherley talked about the ruins of urban regeneration

10 February 2010 ‘Ruins Tourism’ – Christopher Woodward talked with Ken Worpole

4 February 2010 Nick Haffner’s photographic exhibition opening for ‘Among the Ruins: Woolworths, Leytonstone, April 2009′

27 January 2010 One Million Tiny Plays About Britain, performed by author Craig Taylor and Co.

16 January 2010 Out of Step – an evening of Spoken Word

8th December 2009 Iain Sinclair and Bonnie Greer asked Is London British?

8th July 2009 Alain de Botton discussed The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work