New Poetry Release: Life in Transit by Sam Berkson

New Poetry Release: Life in Transit by Sam Berkson

“By turns lyrical, acerbic and bitingly humorous, Life in Transit, is attuned to the peculiar loneliness of life in neoliberal Britain.” – Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism)

Life in Transit by Sam Berkson out now.

Influx Press, the small indie publishers behind the bestselling ‘Local Interest’ book of 2012, Acquired for Development By… A Hackney Anthology have released their second book, Life in Transit.

Life in Transit is a new poetry collection from acclaimed spoken word artist Sam Berkson.

Influx Press commissioned Sam (known as Angry Sam in the live poetry scene) to write a series of poems set on, or about public transport. The result was a wry, intelligent and witty exploration of the travel experience in neoliberal Britain.



  1. Clifton B. Ramos
    November 18, 2013

    though many police officers and transit workers still confront or harass people taking photographs or video.

  2. Bobby
    October 10, 2015

    Love both of these. Were you moving when you took the first one…? Looks like you could have been on the back of a very slow vichele!

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